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What is it?

The emotional map is a digital tool that offers the possibility to active citizen’s involvement in collecting information and opinions about the public spaces of selected cities. It is a mean of participatory creation of public space. The map itself is one of the supporting tools for planning investment stocks, creating transport concepts or greenery.

Why is it?

As such it is useful only when it is used to some purpose. Therefore the map was developed for the creation of the Prešov Public Spaces Manual. The goal was to use a tool to facilitate participative data collection at city level and help improve the resulting material. Subsequently we have launched the mapping for several other Slovak cities. Together with the Public Spaces platform, it aims to contribute to an increase in interest in public spaces at the national level. The results will be accessible to both self-governments and the public (open source data).

How does it work?

The map itself is relatively easy to use. In the map you will gradually mark places that are clustered into four categories; Space Attractiveness, Transportation, Greenery and Security. Each category contains two questions. Furthermore, for each question you can mark multiple places. You can also add comments to each point or line with further explanation of your pick.

Results visualization

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